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The only way we human beings, can change, grow and evolve is by learning trough difficult experiences that life is putting in front of us.  

However too often people fail at this natural process, and therefore remain stock inside an unhealed loop. 


the OSFOUR self coaching model is a unique and powerful model that is both a process and a tool, THAT IS DESIGNED TO HELP YOU AND GUID YOU TRANSFORM NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES INTO POWERFUL LIFE HEALING LIFE LESSON. 

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  • Did you know that every time you are going through a difficult time or a negative experience in your life, a big part of it remain with you? overtime, it become a bag of bitter emotions that you drag everywhere you go which drastically slows you down in every aspect of your life?

  • did you know that any negative experience that Is not digested and healed will reappear in your life over and over unless you learn the LeSSon and heal it?

  • did you know that any unsolved or unhealed situation that you have experienced in your life will automatically be passed on to your children UNLESS YOU HEAL?

  • Did you know that inside any negative experiences that you may face in your life you can also find a powerful healing life lesson that will empower you beyond anything you could imagine?

  • did you know that negative experiences offer you an extraordinary opportunity to increase self-awareness, learn about life, others and your environment, giving you a chance each time to redefine what you want in your life by experiencing what you don't want?

  • Did you know that as a human being, we are all intrinsically connected to one another AND that by investing time and energy to heal your negative experiences, you are at the same time Healing your entire family line as well as your friends, colleagues, and connection and therefore, the entire world?

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Master Class Video

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