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Done to be shame!

Needless to say that as dyslexic I have been mocked, shamed and even humiliated on the daily basis in school because of my clear inability to write or count properly. As I grow up I developed a shame and even a fear for other people to see anything I would write.

Terrified for them to unveil my big shameful secret, through a simple text message, an email or the worse of it all an actual letter.

From an outside point of view to talk about fear can seem to be extreme, but I can assure you, it is in fact that is indeed, totally legit and any other dyslexic person, will probably understand were I am coming from. Because truth be told, unconsciously people attache and measure your intelligence based on your ability to spell right. In other words and according to that funny, point of measurement me and my intelligence, have been stigmatise and flash down the toilette.

For instance would I ever be offered a column in time Magazine, probably no, because any professional in the writing industry will dismiss any of my work from the first second they would bump into one of my many spelling mistake or my horrible grammar and my disfigured syntax, instead of actually listening the deep and cor message that I have to share. Because I will dare to say it, you right my spelling is terrible but thoughts, my observations and my analyses that are on point.


For those of you who are allergic to spelling mistakes, grammar that does make sense and syntax that Is all over the place stop reading now !!! And go get a book from CHARLOTTE BONTË, WILLIAM SHESPEAR OR CHARLES DICKENS. However you will miss on something really good.

Because from now I will not allowed anyone or anything to shame me no more, I live with dyslexia and I won't hid it no more. I won't pay someone to double check my spelling. My articles, my website my worksheet, will be shared they way I have wrote them to the very best of my ability. Because after all if I was missing a leg, or if I had a mark on my face or I could not move my arms no one would ask me to pretend that those don't exist just so I can make other people feel more comfortable.

I am dyslexic and if you want to have access to my thoughts you are going to go through my spelling because that is what I have myself to confront every time I want to write. And I actually love to write.

So for those of you up there who have been taught to be shame and therefore hide a reality of yours, just so that other people won't feel uncomfortable, I am telling you now set yourself free. Because how you are is perfect!

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